e-Roll Corporation Introduces Electric Buses & Solar Chargers

15 May 2023 – BREAKING NEWS! e-Roll Corporation Announced the Historic Signing of a United States Exclusive Distribution and Manufacturing Agreement with Sichuan Zhongzhi Shenghe Performance Co., Ltd. (“Sichuan”) of Chengdu City, China.

e-Roll, under the terms of its Agreement with Sichuan, will import its Pure Electric Passenger Buses, including its advanced Solar Charging Station networks for use by USA municipalities. The first model, e-Roll cb1 *(city bus 1), will initially be manufactured in China. e-Roll has already begun establishing its own USA manufacturing network of factories, set to employ thousands of local workers, where its electric bus line will be built by American workers.

“This is truly an exciting day for e-Roll Corporation, as we take a giant step forward in supplying the best of breed technologies for City Planners and Departments of Transportation across the nation, looking to convert their old fleets of public buses to 100% carbon-free vehicles”, stated CEO Gary Brant.

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