e-Roll Corporation Announces 2nd EV Plant

e-Roll New York Plant
e-Roll Corporation New York Manufacturing Plant

BREAKING NEWS | 21 September 2023

e-Roll Corporation announced the opening of its second Electric Vehicle Assembly Plant in New York State, doubling its capacity to produce advanced Electric Public Transportation and School Bus Vehicles in the United States, in combination with its Flagship EV Complex in La Habra, California.

The new Manufacturing Facility in LeRoy, New York will be the first ever Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Plant in the state, following the directives of Governor Kathy Hochul to update all public transportation and school buses in her State to EVs.

e-Roll Corporation’s New York Plant will produce state-of-the-art Electric School Buses, with an existing and aging fleet of some 45,000 vehicles across New York State in need of upgrades, and in accordance with Governor Hochul’s programs.

CEO Gary Brant stated, “We are excited at e-Roll to be introducing not only a tremendous economic development project for New York State, including the creation of many hundreds of New Energy jobs, but also to be creating a safer environment both for students, bus operators and residents, by utilizing our 100% Carbon-Free vehicles in the Empire State”.

For more information, contact Gary Brant at e-Roll Corporation

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